Communications: The four essential steps to best practice

Communications: The Four Essential Steps to Best Practice | Patricia Donovan | Author


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This is a must-read for professionals keen to develop their communications skills, and for anyone interested in understanding the essential contribution a communications function makes to an organisation.

Communications professionals play a pivotal role in setting the tone of an organisation. They influence its culture and behaviour and what people think of it. This is a powerful position to be in and can be hugely rewarding but only if you do it right.

Find out why being a best-practice communications professional isn’t just about what you do but also about how you do it to achieve success.

This book is like having a mentor beside you on the job every day, guiding you along the road to best practice and then giving you, step by easy step, all the tools you need for immediate and enduring success.


This is a timely book which will be welcomed by communications and public affairs professionals wanting to build and further their craft.” – Wayne Burns Director Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Australia.

One of the most pragmatic and comprehensive references I’ve seen and an excellent resource for those who recognise the importance of communication and reputation management.” – Richard Stone Executive Chairman Jackson Stone and Partners.

I can’t think of an organisation anywhere that wouldn’t benefit from this book.” – David Webber Managing Director Economics & Strategy Group Ltd.