Don’t just read this book. Work it, until each of the four steps becomes second nature… until they become the ‘way we do things around here.’

Communications. Four Steps to Best Practice

‘One of the most pragmatic and comprehensive references I’ve seen and an excellent resource for those who recognise the importance of communication and reputation management.’ – Richard Stone, Executive Chairman, JacksonStone and Partners

‘A timely book which will be welcomed by communications and public affairs professionals wanting to build and further their craft.’ – Wayne Burns, Director, Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, Australia

‘I can’t think of an organisation anywhere that wouldn’t benefit from this book.’ – David Webber, Managing Director, Economics & Strategy Group Ltd

‘The book is full of useful information for communications professionals no matter where they are on their career path… also a handy reference tool for managers and others with an interest in getting the most from communications, stakeholder engagement and reputation management.’ – Institute of Public Administration, New Zealand.

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