Whatever happened next was my responsibility. Reminding myself of this buoyed me. – The Madison Gap

The Madison Gap

A mesmerising and ultimately explosive story of a woman’s awakening. In crisp, stirring prose, Patricia Donovan evokes the angst of family discordance and as we follow Lexi Madison’s search for understanding, captures exquisitely the disquiet and uncertainty that comes when dreams are challenged by reality.

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‘A compelling story … people should go out and find it in any way they can.’ – Robert Kelly, Radio NZ. You can listen here to Robert’s conversation with the author.

‘A thought-provoking, tension-filled contemporary novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.’ – NZ Book Lovers

‘A brilliant read with sharp characters, an elegantly constructed narrative … this has Nicole Kidman mini-series written all over it.’ – Woman Magazine

‘It’s tautly paced and succinctly written, and Donovan cranks the pressure up nicely …’ – The Listener

‘A diverting domestic thriller; one that reads best when examining issues of sociopathy and sibling rivalry.’ – Kete Books

‘It’s fabulous, a really good read. I loved it.’ – Catherine Scullin, Beach FM.

‘An intriguing set-up… the prose is alive with art and culture references and evocative descriptions of Sydney.’ – The Sunday Star-Times